Why you need the new Subaru BRZ

The Subaru BRZ doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

It looks fast, and it is.

It looks fun, and you just know it is.

It looks like something you’d like to drive when you were a kid and then you realize that’s exactly the point – it brings out the inner kid in anyone. Here’s why you need one of these cars – plus some hints on enclosed car transport services and what to do with it once you’ve got it.

Let yourself live a little. With help from the Subaru BRZ

You get the feeling that the designers at Subaru got together over a few beers and said ok, let’s make this car as fun as possible.

They didn’t disappoint.

The new 2.4 litre Boxer engine warbles almost fanatically when you step on it. It’s one of those updates you genuinely appreciate from the moment you press start. If you’re a stickler for the details you’ll also notice that this latest model has 15% more torque – something you can feel almost instantly.

The whole thing is set neatly on a brand new chassis that has a centre of gravity lower than your self-esteem after stalling at the traffic lights – meaning it delivers pure joy to the driver.

New look. New feel

The new BRZ has been redesigned with a look that you can easily distinguish from its sister car, the Toyota 86 – which if you hadn’t noticed before is essentially the same car from end to end. The good news is the front grille on the Subaru gives away its namesake – not to mention the iconic southern cross nestled between the front headlights.

The new model looks exceptional and is reminiscent of the model cars you used to play with as a kid, in the best possible way – aggressively cool. On the road, it feels refreshing and versatile and, on a twisty road, simply divine.

Interior comforts weren’t forgotten

In 2022, you can expect a real change to the interior cabin. It’s been upgraded with all the tech you need to feel like the envelope is being pushed – without sacrificing some of the gimmicks that make this car so great in the first place. We’re talking about the new 7-inch display which does replace some old controls – but not in a way that’s overdone like some models out there today.

The materials are well crafted and give the impression that Subaru is trying to change the narrative on the quality of their interiors. Fair game.

Take it for a race

The arrival of the new BRZ has many in the Subaru racing community hot under the collar. And it’s not hard to see why. After years of complaints of the car being underpowered, they’ve finally put some work into it.

We suggest you immediately invest in proper racing tyres – if not you’re doing it all wrong. You can fit a full set in the boot if you lower the rear seats down – genius right?

Hit up a racetrack in your area and engage track mode – you’ll notice the digital displays shift in style – if you don’t grin with happiness at this point you need to take a rain-check. Track mode on the BRZ engages better stability and traction and makes for better handling around corners – something that should be enjoyed to the very max.

Stretch its legs

But it’s not just the racetrack where you can let the BRZ shine. Revving your engine at the traffic lights is one way to get your money’s worth – the other is taking this car for a spin on some deserted country roads and testing out its limits.

If you’re a confident driver try turning off the stability control system and have a bit of fun. You won’t be disappointed.

Are there any drawbacks?

No car is perfect. And the new Subaru BRZ certainly doesn’t intend to break that truth. The main issue we have with this car is the lack of room in the rear seats. It’s almost like they forgot that people who drive these cars actually have friends at all. Ok, that’s harsh. But seriously, some extra legroom in the back would be good for anyone who is of err, normal height.

There’s also no adaptive cruise control with the manual version – which is a shame because anyone buying the automatic versions clearly has misunderstood the purpose of this car.

If you’ve driven a previous model before, you’ll also notice there’s a slight decrease in fuel efficiency with this 2022 subaru model – engine tweaks are obviously to blame.

Test drive a BRZ and see for yourself

There’s no better way to feel the buzz than by sitting in the driver’s seat yourself and taking the car for a spin. With a generous price tag of $38,990 (excluding on-road costs), this car is a real pitch to both the converted and unconverted to let loose and have a little fun. If you don’t believe it, take a test drive and see for yourself. Visit your local Subaru dealership for more details.