5 reasons to choose spiral ducting for your HVAC

Exposed spiral ducting is becoming a key architectural design statement. Both practical and on-trend and with an effortless industrial-chic vibe, metal ductwork has gained in popularity over recent years. Here are 5 great reasons to choose spiral ducting for your HVAC. Image Credit 1. Efficiency Not only does spiral ductwork look great, but it’s also […]

Why are so many landlords leaving the market?

On the 1st of June 2019, the Government introduced the Tenants Fees Act in England which puts a limit on tenancy deposits paid by tenants to private landlords and bans most letting fees. Image Credit Whilst this is good news for tenants, this has not been good for landlords! Rising costs The cost of credit […]

Six considerations when choosing shelving

You know your room needs shelving to help store your goods or belongings, but there is still a range of factors to consider before you can make a final choice. The right shelving will be ideally suited to your room, making the best use of the space and keeping your stored items safe. Image Credit […]

How to seal coat a leaking roof

When you’re looking for a house, the first two things to check are the foundations and the roof. Why? – because they are the most expensive to fix. Of the two, the roof is most likely to give you problems. Image Credit Roof problems can develop at any time. A gust of wind, traffic vibration […]