5 reasons to choose spiral ducting for your HVAC

Exposed spiral ducting is becoming a key architectural design statement. Both practical and on-trend and with an effortless industrial-chic vibe, metal ductwork has gained in popularity over recent years. Here are 5 great reasons to choose spiral ducting for your HVAC.

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1. Efficiency

Not only does spiral ductwork look great, but it’s also highly efficient. Leakage at joints in solid ductwork can lead to impaired efficiency and energy loss. Spiral ducting is effortlessly self-sealing resulting in an HVAC system that easily meets and often exceeds air leakage standards.

By moving to a spiral ducting system, leakage is virtually eliminated and energy costs are reduced to a minimum. In turn, you’ll reduce your environmental impact, making a spiral ductwork system the sustainable choice.

2. Noise and airflow

Rectangular ducting requires air to move around a number of obstacles, leading to noisy turbulence. Airflow measurement and noise levels can both be simplified and reduced when spiral ducting is used. Fewer sharp edges equal less noise while airflow measurement devices make the process of checking and measuring airflow a snap.

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Noise is often created by a pressure differential in rectangular ducts, an issue that doesn’t exist in spiral ducting.

3. Space

Regular ducting requires space – around 3 inches for each connection and the required reinforcements to keep each joint as leak-free as possible. This condition doesn’t apply when you install spiral duct making it the savvy choice when space is at a premium.

4. Cleaning

Spiral ductwork has another advantage over standard ducts – ease of cleaning. With air quality a priority, spiral ductwork makes it easier to guarantee the intake of fresh air into a building to avoid sick building syndrome. And when it comes to ensuring that the ducts themselves are clean, the approved methods are economical and effective while spiral ducting smooth finish traps less dust and is easier to keep clean.

5. Cost

Whether you’re installing spiral ducting in a hip cafe or a loft apartment, the cost can be considerably lower than using rectangular ducts, in some cases up to 50% lower. This is as a result of lower storage and labor installation costs, reduced sealing and packaging costs and economies and efficiencies when it comes to running costs, making spiral ducting an aesthetic, cost-efficient and practical choice.