Where to find Irish dance-related content to watch during the pandemic?

For Irish dancers, the pandemic has taken away the opportunity of participating in Irish dance competitions, whether locally, nationally, or internationally. It has also taken away the possibility of attending these competitions for Irish dance fans. However, Irish dance coaches, magazines, and apps have mobilized to create Irish dance content for the eager public in order to entertain and inspire people. It certainly hasn’t been easy on anyone, but people have been trying to keep positive and optimistic about the future. The Irish dance community is no exception, but despite all the difficulties, it has been as active as ever during the pandemic. If you are interested in Irish dance, then there’s plenty of things you can follow or watch online to pass the time, and also to entertain yourself.

Irish Dancing On TikTok

Irish dancing is currently enjoying a wave of popularity on social media, especially on TikTok.   TikTok is a video-sharing app where people share dance routines, viral songs, and other entertaining content. It was a surprise for many that traditional Irish dance has found such a large audience on this app. That is the merit of talented dancers who have developed creative routines that gained a larger audience for Irish dancing. One great example is the young Irish dancing group Cairde. They have gained a following of 1.5 million on TikTok in just over 3 months. The group of friends has become famous for its modern twist on Irish dancing. Another success story on TikTok is the Porter Brothers. They’ve also become popular thanks to their amazing dancing skills and their use of popular music that is more familiar to the public. There’s also Owen Lubbers, a World Irish Dance Champion that has become famous on TikTok for his amazing talent and his short videos depicting the hardships of becoming an Irish dance champion.

Irish Dancing On Youtube

Youtube is another video-sharing platform where you can find plenty of Irish dancing content. If you are interested in Irish dance tutorials, you can find thousands of them there. If you want to perfect your Irish dance skills and find new, interesting and complex moves, Youtube is the place. It’s also a great place to find tutorials for beginners if you want to learn Irish dancing. If that’s the case, you should also start looking for a nice and suitable pair of Irish dance shoes. Check out Corr’s Irish dance shoes range https://corrsirishshoes.com/

There are also plenty of inspirational videos for the Irish dance community on Youtube. One notable resource on Youtube is Ciara Sexton’s Youtube channel. She is a World Champion Irish dancer with a truly impressive Irish dancing career. She has uploaded inspirational videos for Irish dancers of all ages in hopes to bring up the morale in the Irish dance community during these difficult times. For a bit of entertainment and morale boost, you can also check out the Irish Dancing Magazine Youtube channel, where you can find success stories, cool tutorials, creative routines, and Irish dancing series.

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