What is the difference between a plumber and a heating engineer?

In everyday speech, many people would refer to a plumber as the person they would call to fix their leaking taps, service their boiler and fit a new bathroom; however, there is a significant difference between plumbers and heating engineers: only heating engineers can work on gas appliances and installations.

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What is a plumber?

A plumber works on domestic and commercial water and waste systems, including:

– Water supply pipes and storage tanks, including repairing leaks and testing.
– Bathroom installation.
– Connecting and disconnecting washing machines and dishwashers.

What is a heating engineer?

Plumbers carry out a wide range of water repairs and installations but cannot work with gas appliances. Only gas engineers who are registered with Gas Safe can legally work on gas appliances. Gas engineers have to hold a current valid qualification to be registered with Gas Safe. This works in a similar way to a driving license, which is only issued to drivers who have demonstrated that they are competent by passing a driving test.

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Heating engineers provide the following services in connection with gas installations:

– Boiler installations.
– Gas safety certificates.
– Boiler servicing and repairs.
– Connecting and disconnecting gas appliances, such as hobs, ovens and gas fires.
– Heating controls.
– Central heating pumps.

Many companies registered as Gas Safe heating engineers will also offer a range of plumbing services.

When do I need a heating engineer?

You will need a heating engineer for the installation of new appliances and the disconnection of old ones, to service installations and appliances annually, and to call on in case of any breakdowns.

It is vital to keep your boiler serviced annually so that it works correctly and safely and keeps you comfortable. You will also want to have a reputable heating engineer to call on if you suffer a breakdown of your boiler or suspect it is no longer working properly. For boiler repair Cheltenham or the surrounding areas, for example, you will find lots of companies that can help with boiler repair in Cheltenham.

Whenever you need work on a gas installation, make sure that you check the Gas Safe Register to ensure that the business you use is registered. It is illegal and unsafe for anyone else to work on your heating installation.