Why are so many landlords leaving the market?

On the 1st of June 2019, the Government introduced the Tenants Fees Act in England which puts a limit on tenancy deposits paid by tenants to private landlords and bans most letting fees. Using American Listed classify you can find quick solutions related to renting, vehicles, real estate & other information including churches for sale […]

How to seal coat a leaking roof

When you’re looking for a house, the first two things to check are the foundations and the roof. Why? – because they are the most expensive to fix. Of the two, the roof is most likely to give you problems. Image Credit Roof problems can develop at any time. A gust of wind, traffic vibration […]

Heat your conservatory in these best ways

A conservatory is a beautiful addition to the home, offering a warm, sunny and inviting space for relaxing and entertaining – at least during the summer months. But thanks to the vagaries of the British weather, conservatory owners can expect plenty of cold and rainy days too, during which they’ll find that their cosy conservatory […]

Boris plans for a more beautiful property future

Aesthetics in the housing market are to be prioritized by the government, with a focus on retail parks, high streets and housing estates. The Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission intends to enshrine concepts of ‘beauty’ within the UK’s planning system, and has published a report entitled ‘Creating Space for Beauty’ outlining the proposed changes. Image […]