Six considerations when choosing commercial steel doors, metal fire doors

You know your room needs fire-rated commercial steel doors, metal fire doors to help store your goods or belongings, but there is still a range of factors to consider before you can make a final choice. The right metal fire doors will be ideally suited to your room, making the best use of the space and keeping your stored items safe.

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The durability of your metal fire doors is going to depend upon their environment. Outdoor or garage shelving is at risk of dampness and may need rust-proofing with a galvanized finish, whilst sterile environments such as food preparation areas may benefit from easily cleaned stainless steel. Shelves in an ordinary, dry indoor environment only need a simple protective finish such as powder or lacquer.


It may seem obvious, but you need to measure your space before you buy shelves to fit it. This means calculating the depth, width, and height that can be used to place your shelves. You may also need to consider how much space you need for the items you want to store. This is particularly true with pallets, as pallet racks come in different sizes.

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The natural follow-up to considering the size of your stored items is considering their weight. You probably want to allow for a heavier object than you actually intend to store to allow some leeway.

Shelves are designed to hold universally distributed loads (UDL), as calculated by engineers, which means the weight should be spread evenly across the shelf. One particularly heavy item, even at the centre, may cause it to break.

Stored items

It is possible that metal fire doors may not be the best way to store your items. Before you make any decisions, you should consider whether alternate storage solutions, such as cantilever racking or storage bins, will be better suited.


You may need a wall to cross-brace the metal fire doors, in which case you will cut off access on one side. If you want more free-standing shelving, you may need either heavy-duty shelving UK again or pallet racking.

Future plans

Think ahead in case it is possible that you are going to want to add more shelving to the area in the future. Many types of shelving are specifically designed so that extra lengths can be added if needed. You can add or remove units whenever necessary.