Valentine’s Day trees are the new trend

Winter is truly a festive season with multiple holidays taking place in the colder months, the biggest – of course – being Christmas. In recent years, Christmas has seen a rise in popularity that could be described as almost cult-like, with people decorating their homes and putting up their trees as early as October so that they can start their countdown as early as possible. People love the festive cheer of their fir trees and the joy of decorating them for the holiday, but they are sometimes a bit reluctant to let that festivity go. This may explain the current weird and creative Instagram trend: Valentine’s Day trees.

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In an innovative twist of creativity, users of the photo-sharing social media site have been uploading photos of their repurposed Christmas trees that they have decorated with a Valentine’s Day theme. With plenty of red and pink baubles, roses, feathers, teddies, chocolates and dozens of hearts, there are currently around 2,400 posts with the hashtag #valentinestree.

How to make a Valentine’s tree

The cool thing about this decoration is that anyone can do it, even on a budget. Discount stores often have a wide selection of Valentine’s items available that can be used as decorations. Tinsel can be replaced with pink or red feather boas and many Christmas items can be repurposed if they are in the right colours, such as baubles, fairy lights and candy canes.

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Of course, your love-themed decorations do not have to stop at the tree, as many other popular Christmas decorations can be repurposed. These include wall hangings, ceiling decorations, themed soft furnishings, and even stickers on your Evesham double glazing.

More photos of tree designs are being uploaded to Instagram every day, so be sure to look there for inspiration before you tackle your own tree. You could upload a photo of your finished work of art, perhaps from the street through your Evesham double glazing.

Will you be making one?

As a rising new trend, Valentine’s trees have received mixed reviews online, with some people excited to make their own whilst others seem to think the idea is a bit too crazy. The only opinion that truly matters is your own, so what do you think? Are you itching to make your own or are you going to leave this holiday trend alone?