3 scarf trends of 2022

2022 is finally here, and it obviously couldn’t come without new fashion trends, especially the ones regarding one of the most beloved accessories for wintertime, the scarf. If you are interested in spicing up your winter wardrobe and creating unique, stylish outfits, here are 3 scarf trends that you should definitely know about.

Oversized scarves

Massive scarves are surely not something new, and if you’re interested in fashion you’ve probably already seen them a few years ago, but in winter 2022 they definitely are having a comeback. Long, knitted scarves, especially ones in bright colors can make a monochrome outfit pop out and look more intriguing. If you are looking to get one that will be long-lasting and won’t go out of style, we would recommend considering fabrics like wool, alpaca, and even cashmere, and choosing one in neutral colors such as black, beige, chocolate, or cream, as they will complement any outfit. However, if you are looking to create more fun and trendy looks like RetailMeNot.com and you’re not sure that you’re going to wear the scarf after it goes out of style, take a look at the ones that are sold in mass-market stores, as they are usually more colorful and made of cheaper, synthetic fabrics that will look great for as long as the trend will last.

Celtic scarves

As surprising as it might sound, Celtic scarves are definitely at their peak popularity right now. They will be especially suitable for late winter and early spring, as they will be associated with Saint Patrick’s Day and will bring the needed holiday atmosphere, but these accessories also look great on any other day of the year. Celtic scarves come in lots of different fabrics and colors, but what makes them truly special are, of course, their traditional motifs and patterns. If you are looking to get a wool one for winter, Celtic scarves made of merino wool and pashmina wool will keep you warm and fashionable this year. In case you are looking for a fancy present or an accessory for sunnier days, especially popular are silk scarves since they can add a charm to any outfit and can be worn all year round, even during the summer heat. Choose one that fits your style and you can be assured that you’ll be the most fashionable this year.

Snood scarves

Although they’ve had their ups and downs during the last decade, snood scarves, also referred to as collars, seem to gain back the popularity that they truly deserve. The specificity of this scarf is that, as the name states, that it is round, tubular, and it can also be used as a hood, which makes it highly practical. They are not only fashionable but also perfect for people who live in areas with extremely cold winters and harsh winds, as snoods protect not only the neck but the whole head from freezing. Just like any other scarf, the snood comes in a variety of fabrics, the best of them being obviously wool. When it comes to colors, you can create a more interesting outfit by using a bright, vivid scarf, or you can opt for a more everyday look by using more neutral hues of white, beige, and brown.