Men’s Fashion through the Ages

Fashion has certainly changed a lot for men over the years; some styles have shown to be pretty interesting, whilst other fashion pieces are what allowed men to really look the part. In the early 20th century, men would wear smart suits and there would be no hair out of place, whilst in modern days, men’s fashion is much more relaxed and casual. Clothing during the 19th – 20th century was much more expensive, but as a whole was better quality, now men’s fashion tends to be cheaper but isn’t as such good quality. Here are the men’s fashion through the ages.


This was during the Edwardian times where people would dress much smarter; clothing was better quality, and men presented themselves much better. A typical 1900’s man would wear smart suits, plain smart shirts, neat ties, perfectly ironed trousers, and even bowler and top hats – not forgetting pristine polished black shoes. Waistcoats were also a common outfit piece for men as well.

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The 1920s was the time of the pinstripe suits, striped shirts, and skimmer hats. Men would also typically wear wool mohair suits and waistcoats, with a smart tie or bow tie to complement the outfit. Outerwear started to become more casual as flat caps and patterned sweaters became popular clothing items with the 1920’s man. Smart wear was still a big part of the 1920s though, as bowler hats, and trilby hats were common outfit pieces.


Men’s fashion really seemed to evolve a huge amount during the 1940s, and although smart suits were still a style favorite, they were a lot more fun, and less conservative. Zoot suits were a popular fashion piece during the ’40s; the blazers included shoulder pads, they were nipped in at the waist, and they were typically worn with high waist baggy trousers and stylish trilby hats. Patterned shirts and ties were also a common outfit piece with 1940’s men.


The 1960s showed a huge development in men’s fashion; this was the time of The Beatles, the Mods and Rockers, and also the Hippies. Smart suits and trousers were still a big part of men’s fashion, but the style was beginning to develop and smart conservative wear was becoming a thing of the past. Mod’s (also known as modern) wore suits and ties, but also polo shirts with smart jeans, and parkas. Rockers liked to stick to the old-time fashion of leather jackets, leather trousers, and smart hairstyles. Hippie fashion also became a huge part of the ’60s, and even influenced the fashion of The Beatles members – the style included flared trousers, love beads, and round sunglasses.

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It seemed that the days of wearing smart suits on a regular basis were gone once the ’80s era hit. Jeans, denim jackets, casual shirts, patterned jumpers, and leather jackets were the style pieces for the modern man in the 80’s. Fashion had become much more casual and laid back.


2000’s men’s fashion has not seemed to change that much over the last decade; the 90’s clothing of baggy jeans and baggy jumpers were clinging on to the style of the early 2000s, but in the modern times of today, men’s everyday fashion is a lot more relaxed and casual. Jeans and stylish tops like Farah Shirts from online retailers such as are popular with the modern man as they are stylish, yet comfortable. Vintage and retro styles from the ’60s and onwards have become a huge part of modern-day fashion too.