How to Get a Replacement Key for a Car

Losing one’s car keys is always a possibility. No matter how careful you are, no matter how many spare keys you have, no matter how much you remind yourself, there will always be that chance that you lose those precious keys of yours. And that’s a problem. Fortunately, there are numerous ways that this can be solved. Here are 7 Day Locksmith’s three tried and tested way on how to get a replacement key for a car:

Let your Dealer Get a Replacement Key for a Car

More often than not, manufacturers and dealers can help you how to get a replacement key for a car. Somewhere in their offices and service center is a set of duplicates waiting in some filing cabinet or storage case. They’re required to have them. Not only does it ensure that they have access to their products, they’re also privy to losses and misplacements, so a handy spare could save the day. They might also have keyless access.

Call them when you lose your keys. Inform them of your situation and provide your name, address and any customer identification request that they may they may ask so they can verify you’re identity. Next, tell them how you lost your keys and where you currently are. If you’re lucky, they might get into their cars and head to your location with those keys in hand.

Since this is a legitimate and verified solution, make sure you have all the information you require to expedite the process. Keep the manufacturing year, manufacturing company and model of your automobile memorized. If you have a serial number, that’s also great. If you can also keep some of the information, like receipts and other salient documents saved on your phone or hidden in your wallet. This will be of great importance when the time comes.

Unfortunately, this is not a certain answer. This only works if you’re actually near the manufacturer or dealer and probably during office hours, between 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. During these times, you might need to adjust your strategy and pursue a different route.

Purchase a New Set to Get a Replacement Key for a Car

While this may not be the most ideal solution available during this kind of situation, there will be circumstances where you will have no choice but to go through with itin order to complete the process of how to get a replacement key for a car. Why? Well, simply because it’s the most expensive choice out there.

Just to inform you, a new set of keys, a brand new keyless entry remote, or even a different access and an eventual reprogramming of one’s keypad can hurt your wallet. It can go from somewhere along the lines of $150.00 to $500.00. The more prestigious the car brand is, the costlier it will get. This is primarily because you’re paying for a service, manpower and even the technical knowhow or coding required to gain new access.

Moreover, it is also important to note that this isn’t the fastest and most efficient way of getting new keys. More often than not, it takes a minimum of five working days or even more than a couple of weeks for them to get back to you. If the company is based overseas, it might even take longer than that.

However, it is one of the surest. They have the capability to produce what you want and they have the technology to unlock any of the vehicles they have created. It is far safer than buying off a pair of alternative or extra keys from the internet.

Do remember to ensure that your car is towed and in a safe place should you choose this options.

Contact Your Trusted Locksmith to Get a Replacement Key for a Car

One of the easiest and most trusted option is to contact a trusted locksmith to provide valuable assistance, such as 7 Day Locksmith. They are the immediate answer to the question of how to get a replacement key for a car. First off, they give the best prices. They’re not going to overcharge you or demand a high cost, unlike car manufacturers. They have pretty decent rates. Second, they’re very well versed in the world of locks, since that is their main profession. Regardless of manufacturer, material and built, there’s a pretty good chance that they can understand it and they are capable in providing a solution to the problem. Third, and finally, they have the knowledge and the equipment. Unlike key duplicators and hardware outlet stores, locksmiths have sophisticated pieces of machinery that can duplicate keys to the very last detail.

When choosing a locksmith, make sure they are punctual and reliable. Go through their website or any of their digital assets. Look for customer feedback online, whether in forums, social media sites like Twitter or Facebook or even personal blogs. See if their employees have the necessary licenses and if they are insured by the actual state. Find out if your problem or the vehicle you own fits one of their capabilities and services. Ask friends and family member. They may have some information. Make sure they also have a less than 24-hour service response time and that they have the capability to go to your location in order to help you out. This is especially important because a lot of great locksmiths can head to their new job in less than two hours. Finally, look at their payment options, and see how you want to engage in a transaction.