Classic Movies You Should See At Least Once

Do you consider yourself a cinephile? That’s all good and well, but have you checked the top industry-shaping movies off your list? If you haven’t, you better reconsider that cinephile status. Appreciating movies is also about respecting where the industry came from, after all. Though, seeing these true classics is about more than just respect. They’re not just classics, they also happen to be damn good cinema.

Psycho – 1960

Virtually everyone has heard of Psycho, but an alarmingly low number has actually taken the time to watch it. The Alfred Hitchcock industry changer is still incredibly gripping, despite being old enough to have grandchildren. Most impressive of all is that, without much of a stretch, it isn’t difficult to imagine that it came out last year. Tell yourself that the black and white was a choice, rather than a limitation of technology, and be shocked at how well it holds up.

The Godfather – 1972

The 70s were a transformative time for cinema. They marked an era when filmmakers were truly pushing the limits, exploring previously unspeakable topics, and were no longer afraid of offending audiences. There is no better example of this than The Godfather. Again, it’s incredible that this film is as old as it is, given how relevant and impactful it still is. Plus, of course, it also still manages to be as shocking as it was back then. See it now, though horse lovers might want to look away during a certain horrific scene.

12 Angry Men – 1957

That 12 Angry Man isn’t held in higher regard is a complete mystery. It is a respected film, but not as focused on as some of the others on this list. It is a courtroom drama that realistically and skilfully analyses how a jury can be swayed back and forth during a trial, not shying away from the fact that the innocent can, and does, land up in jail.

The Exorcist – 1973

Another example of the 70s coming at filmgoers with the gloves off, The Exorcist is about as shocking as movies get. The levels of horrendous imagery were unheard of at the time, and remain disturbing to this day. Fair warning, you may want to play some slots at Lucky Creek online casino after watching, just to calm yourself down before bed. There is some serious nightmare fuel on showcase here.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark – 1981

From horrifying to pure movie magic entertainment, Raiders Of The Lost Ark is legendary. Virtually every action movie to follow would take inspiration from this Spielberg masterpiece, proving once and for all that the 80s truly was the era of blockbusters. Try and imagine what the world of adventure cinema would be like without Indiana Jones.

Jaws – 1975

Last we have the birth of tension in cinema; Jaws. Yes, the shark looks fake by modern standards, but the pure tension is more than enough to make up for it. This is the movie that killed beachfront tourism for a year, and for a very good reason.

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