The ultimate Virgo gift guide

With the middle of august comes the season of everyone’s favorite zodiac sign…Virgo. We all know how virgos are perfectionists so your gift can not be any less that perfect. If it’s a close friend or a family member you might be lucky and guess what they want, but if we’re talking about a work colleague or a distant relative, you are in big trouble. We are here to rescue you with this list of three things that would make the perfect gift for pretty much anyone, but especially for Virgos (cause we know they like to feel special).

Wellness set

Birthdays are always stressful to plan, mostly for the birthday person, so all you want to do after your big party is just relax and enjoy your time. Virgos especially like their alone time and anyone who respects that earns bonus points in their book. Put together a wellness set and your virgo can enjoy their birthday in a relaxing way, by themselves. A couple of bath bombs, some body lotions, and a bath fizz should be the first part of this set. You can then move on to some face masks and one of those popular face rollers which are both beautiful and very healthy. You can read all about their benefits in this article from Healthline. Finish with some nail polish and add some snacks and drinks and you got the best “spa at home” present. There is no way you can go wrong with a wellness set, everyone needs to stop and relax from time to time.

An Irish sweater

We all know Virgos are cold, some of them at heart, some of them in general. We can’t cure the ones who are cold at heart, but we can at least make them laugh and keep them physically warm. A sweater is a good gift for anyone, but for Virgos it can also become a funny metaphor. You can take this gift to another level by getting them a knitted Irish sweater you can find online Virgos pay close attention to details and because the Aran sweaters have very unique and detailed designs it is sure that they will love any Irish sweater. The meaning behind the Aran sweaters is something that adds to this gift, as it is an ancient symbol of Irish culture and each stitch has a different meaning. Find the best color and the most meaningful stitch and watch your Virgo friend be stylish this winter.

A journal

Order, organization, and planning are things that can never miss from a Virgo’s life, that is for sure. The best way to stay organized and keep track of tasks is by having a journal and writing everything down. In the computer era, journals became Google calendars and as organized as they can seem, there’s nothing like writing on paper. A journal can be the best present for a workaholic, an overthinker, or just someone that likes to write things down and because virgos are all of these things, this is definitely a present for them. Find the cutest journal, get a matching pen and you got a thoughtful present for your overthinker.