Movies to watch this season

The cold season is all about coziness, hot chocolate, and warm clothes. And what goes perfectly with all of these? A movie night. Whether you’re having a movie night by yourself or with some friends over, deciding what movie to pick is always hard. You can get everything else ready because we came to rescue you with our carefully made list of movies that you have to watch this season. We have a movie for the romantic ones, one for mystery lovers, and a Christmas movie that you can’t miss this winter. Check their Imdb scores if you want more insights into the movies. Make sure the popcorn is salted, the blankets are warm and everyone has a drink let’s start with the first movie.

Cha cha real smooth (2022)

This drama directed by Cooper Raiff is such a beautiful movie that will belong in your heart forever. It is a love story, but a realistic one with many twists and turns and with other aspects of life intertwining with romance. The movie follows the story of a young man who becomes friends with a mother and her autistic daughter. We don’t wanna spoil it for you, but we can tell you that the comedy factor is not missing from this masterpiece, as the main character’s job is being a party starter at Bar Mitzvahs. If you’re still not convinced, just watch the trailer and you’ll definitely wanna see more.

Knives Out (2019)

The second movie we’re suggesting is one that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last minute. Knives out is a mystery movie that follows the investigation of a suicide that is believed to be a murder. The sets, outfits, and details in this movie are amazing and you might wanna see it for a second time. One piece that we are obsessed with is the Irish sweater that Chris Evans is wearing in the restaurant scene. You can get your own fisherman sweater online  if you want to get closer to this movie. And on top of all those factors, the movie also has a great cast that features Chris Evans and Daniel Craig. And when you’re done with this one, you might wanna check out the second one: Knives 2.

A boy called Christmas (2021)

We’re ending this list with a Christmas movie that is perfect for the whole family to watch. This movie will make everyone fall in love with Christmas all over again. It is a story about elves, adventures, fairies, and a talking mouse. Yes, the mouse is probably the most adorable character, but this masterpiece also features amazing actors such as Maggie Smith. The scenes are magical, the characters will keep you interested, and the plot is not the classical Christmas love story. We’re gonna let you uncover more about it on your own, but we guarantee that this movie will keep replaying every Christmas from now on. It’s just that good.

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