Learning The Language Of Flowers

When you get or give a bouquet of flowers, do you put much thought into what the colours and blooms you’ve chosen mean? During the Victorian era, the art of picking and putting together floral arrangements was both an art and a popular hobby, since each flower and colour had its own meaning – and even herbs were once included, such as rosemary for remembrance.

If you’re keen to give a meaningful gift to someone special in your life, then brush up on the language of flowers and really impress them with your foresight and knowledge.

1. Lavender

One of the most beautifully scented blooms around, lavender conjures up images of home and comfort in the language of flowers, lavender means serenity, devotion, purity and silence. Its scent is also a common aromatherapy one to assist with memory and relaxation.

2. Calla Lily

The Calla Lily is a common feature in bridal bouquets and in minimalist table decorations. They take their name from the Greek ‘kallos’ which means beauty. This can be both outward beauties as well as inner beauty.

3. Carnations 

The carnation flower is something that’s quite easy to find and works as well as a gift for your mother as it does for your best friend or partner. This is because they’re so easy to find the meaning that comes across in the shades chosen, such as pink carnations meaning ‘I won’t forget you, red standing for affection, and white symbolising someone who is both ‘sweet and lovely.

4. Roses

Roses are the most commonly bought flower for bouquets, and each colour stands for something unique. Burgundy roses stand for affection, orange for fascination, yellow for friendship, white for innocence, deep pink for gratitude and lavender and purple for passion and unique love. The most popular colour, red, stands for love and admiration.

5. Daffodil

The bright and cheerful daffodil is not only a favourite for Wordsworth, who once wrote about how he wandered through a field of them, but they are also a popular gift to give to those moving into a new home. They stand for new beginnings and hope and look wonderful amid other tall flowers.

6. Freesia

The Freesia flower is usually associated with friends since they mean thoughtfulness, trust and a true companion. It is believed to be the ultimate flower of trust. Pink freesias are said to symbolise motherly love, while white is for purity. Yellow freesias stand for friendship and renewals, while red is for passion.

7. Zinnia

These country garden favourites are a popular bloom in friendship bouquets. They stand for friends who are never forgotten, those who are no longer around us and work well as a gift to a friend or family member who is far from home that you are missing.

8. Peony

The fluffy showy peony heads are beautiful to behold. Their name comes from the Greek myth of Paeon, an apprentice healer, and their meaning stands for care. These are a great choice to send to someone who is currently under the weather and whom you hope will make a swift recovery.


The sweet and cheerful bobbing heads of pansy flowers are a beautiful sight in gardens. They may be small, but they pack a punch and stand for remembrance and thoughtfulness. Their name comes from the French ‘penser’, which means to think. They’re a great gift for anyone stuck on a deadline or who needs a brain boost when playing strategy games at an online casino South Africa.

These flowers are the most popular ones included in bouquets around the world.