Born in the wrong Century…vintage styling tips for a unique look

Each decade has left its mark on many aspects, but if you look at them from the fashion side, you’ll surely find interesting trends everywhere. Right now, it’s easy to follow the trends if you have social media accounts, as you can see fashion tips everywhere. But if you feel like today’s trends are not for you, and you have an older approach to fashion, this article is for you. We put together some trends that were popular throughout the years and we tried to style some vintage pieces for you. For a more in-depth look at how the industry has changed, you can check out the video from Glam on 100 years of fashion.

Denim 70’s

Right after the feminist movement, when women started to incorporate trousers in their outfits, there was a rise in denim clothes. From dungarees to flared jeans and cool jackets, the ’70s were all about denim pieces. If you feel like this look is for you, you can try to achieve an all-denim look and accessorize it with colorful accents. The important part is to make sure that all of your pieces have the same denim tone so that the look is clean and put together. For the accessories, use colorful scarves as neck accents or even as belts. Don’t be afraid to dress this look up or down by using a pair of sneakers or some heels. If you want to take this one step further, look for some vintage midi denim skirts for that unique approach.

Cardigan 40’s

The next trend we want to talk about involves a piece that has made its way back to the trends recently. Cardigans were very popular for teenagers in the 40s and they were used to add color and warmth to outfits. They made a comeback in the 00’s adding some new lengths and patterns to the traditional piece. For a vintage 40’s look, you want to add a classic button wool cardigan you can find on  to a skirt and shirt outfit, add some low heels and maybe a pair of lace socks for the original touch. Make sure you accessorize with a pearl necklace and a smaller bag to add some more feminine touches. And if this isn’t your cup of tea, you can always use this timeless piece in any modern outfit using some jeans and sneakers.

Grunge 90’s

The last trend is probably the most known one, as we can still see variations of it today. The 90s was a rebellion period that had an impact on fashion as well. Probably the most scandalous part about it was the make-up that went hand in hand with the dark fashion pieces. To achieve a perfect 90’s grunge look you want to look for a dark-colored crop top, a denim or mini skirt, add some plain white sneakers and accessorize with a choker. You can also play a lot with mom jeans, dad sneakers, and plain white tops. Keep it in a black-and-white aesthetic if you want to stick to the grunge look.